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What is the Activity Center ?

  • All Imagination Table models are built with solid wood tops, when removed - reveals the "Activity Center Flip Plate".
  • Imagination Table Activity Center

  • The Activity Center has two large side pockets for Lego storage, in the middle is the "Activity Center", which holds the Activity plate, under the Activity plate there is additional storage.
  • The Activity Plate can be easily flipped over revealing a different activity (by default Imaginations tables come with Lego base plates on 1 side and a Chalk/Checkerboard on the flip side).
  • Add New Activity plates at anytime.

Imagination Tables are multi-functional - it's a Lego table, games center, puzzle table (large models only), school homework & project table. The best part is you can quickly hide any activity and it instantly is a high quality coffee table.

As your child grows and needs change, so can the Imagination Table.
Imagination Tables never become obsolete.

Activity Plates


Chalkboard with Chess/Checkerboard Game plate

Current Activity Plates

Name Type Group
Backgammon Game Adult
Black Board Activity All
Black Jack Game Adult
Candyland Game Children
Checker Board Game All
Erasable Marker Activity All
Felt Card Top Activity All
School Projects plain Activity All
Sorry Game Children
Texas Holdem Game Adult
Trouble Game Children
Yahtzee Game All

Don't see the activity you want ? Let us know and we can add it in most cases.

Black Board


Checker Board




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