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Product Information

Imagination Cherry
Lego Table

Model - Newport Small Lego

Table Dimensions :
L: 36" x W: 24" x H: 18"

This is a perfect Imagination Table for smaller spaces such as an apartment , doctors office, barbershop or Child care facility to name but a few places.

This was a prototye unit used to develop manufacturing guidelines and to test fabrication techniques.  

There are slight cosmetic blemishes but does not distract from the functionalaity or durability at all. Our pricing for this Tahoe Imagination Table reflects this.

Comes with 

  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Lego Base Plates
  • Chalkboard

Included with all Imagination Tables:
  • Lego Base Plates
  • Chalkboard
  • Checker/Chess Board
  • Chess Pieces
  • Checker Pieces
  • Deck of Game Cards
  • Mystery activity or game
  • A Clip to attach Color or Painting paper to center Flip plate
Table Ordered may look slightly different from
Table Pictured as each table is individually made.
All Tables are made in the USA.

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