Imagination Tables

Imagination Table ® Construction

How are the tables made

Materials used

Imagination Tables ® are made from 60%+ recycled materials.

Old and discarded coffee & kitchen tables are purchased or donated to us and we then re-purpose the materials into custom made Imagination Tables. ®. Because we re-purpose materials very slight imperfections may be seen in some of our finished products.

The Imagination Table ®are made from Oak, Cherry and Maple

Before we can recycle tables into new Imagination Tables ® we first strip the wood down to its natural state, plane the wood and joint it. This process ensures that only the best quality wood is being reclaimed which maintains our high standard of excellence.

Once the new Imagination Table ® is built we then finish the tables base in Tung Oil or Paint. The Tops of our Tables are either left natural or serveral coats of Tung Oil are applied. Tables are completed by receiving 3-5 coats of Polyurethane in either Satin, Gloss or High Gloss to ensure they can withstand the abuse kids tend inflict upon nice furniture.

Imagination Tables ® are a piece of furniture you will be proud to show off to your friends and family and will last a lifetime.

We also send a donantion to the Magical Moon Foundation for every table sold.





Imagination Tables ®

Built for adults, made for kids !

Furniture that encourages kids of all ages to develop their Imaginations !

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our customers... say?

" This is the most innovative thing I've seen for my kids, and as a parent I love it!"

- Lauren M., Cohasset, MA

" The table is awesome no more messes when I tell the kids to clean up for dinner everything is cleaned up and out of sight fast."

- Susan R, Chicago, IL

"I wished I had this table when my kids were small..."

- Jill, Scituate, MA

" I have my table in my third grade class room, lets me control the boys very easily now..."

- Paige, New Bedford, MA

"We have this in my barber shop and both the kids and the parents love it."

- Beth, Weymouth, MA

"My kids use to just sit and stare at the TV doing nothing, now at least they are doing something productive while doing that. Sometimes I shut off the TV and they don't even notice that I did."

- Tiffany J, New York, NY

Martha's Vineyard, MA

Spokane, WA


Atlanta, GA


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