Imagination Tables

Imagination Tables

What are Imagination Tables ?

Imagination Tables are a unique style of coffee table, designed and built to fit into most living areas and patios.

Imagination Tables are sturdy tables that will last throughout the years and maybe even get passed down to the grandchildren.

All Imagination Tables have a removable top that covers the Activity Center when not in use.

Check out the Activity Center page to see the activities currently available.

Imagination Tables are forever tables, that can be changed and upgraded as your children get older.

Imagination Table Models

  • Table Top Sizes (W" x L"):
    • Small (24" x 36")
    • Large (24" x 48")
  • Table bottoms with the Activity Center vary in sizes according to the table top size.
  • Imagination Tables by default come with a Lego & Checkerboard activity plate.
  • You can purchase new activity plates at anytime to add new games/activities easily.
  • Imagination Table tops can be upgraded with a new top anytime to fit into new decor designs in the future.
  • Imagination Tables have smooth rounded top facing edges as a standard safety feature.

Imagination Table Features

The heart and soul of an Imagination Table is the Activity Center. With storage provided internally all activities can be be quickly put away and the top put back on in less than a minute restoring the Coffee Table and hiding the Activity center entirely. This also means - NO MORE STEPPING ON LEGOS.

Kid love the Imagination Tables

Imagination Tables help build social skills, while helping kids to explore their imaginations.


Your kids will play for hours.

No more stepping on Lego's either.


Helps to develop social skills

Imagination Tables

Kids learn to explore their Imaginations


Where's the Imagination Table ?

Specialty Products

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Stand Up Desk

Wood: Top - Cherry
Length: 48"
Width: 24"
Height: 43"
4 payments of $94.75*

Imagination Boxes

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Color till you drop


Early Childhood Education




Puzzles Galore !


Sensory Play Foam


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our customers... say?

" This is the most innovative thing I've seen for my kids, and as a parent I love it!"

- Lauren M., Cohasset, MA

" The table is awesome no more messes when I tell the kids to clean up for dinner everything is cleaned up and out of sight fast."

- Susan R, Chicago, IL

"I wished I had this table when my kids were small..."

- Jill, Scituate, MA

" I have my table in my third grade class room, lets me control the boys very easily now..."

- Paige, New Bedford, MA

"We have this in my barber shop and both the kids and the parents love it."

- Beth, Weymouth, MA

"My kids use to just sit and stare at the TV doing nothing, now at least they are doing something productive while doing that. Sometimes I shut off the TV and they don't even notice that I did."

- Tiffany J, New York, NY

Martha's Vineyard, MA

Spokane, WA


Atlanta, GA