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Referral Program

We offer a simple referral program that pays you when
ever someone you refer purchases one of our products.

Currently we will pay you $40 for each referral you provide,
that makes a purchase, and includes your referral code at the time an order is submitted.

No are no limits to how many refferal fees you can make either.

First Name:
Last Name:

Complete and click the Create Referral Account button.

We will email you back with your referral code,
and a full color flyer you can print out and give out to
people with a place for your referral code to be added,.

Make sure to tell people to enter your referral code,
if they don't you won't get credit for the purchase.

We will not give any referral credits to you after the purchase is submitted.

The Cape Cod


The Newport


The Tahoe


Also available as Lego Tables only.  
We offer a FREE a payment plan purchase option too !
NO Credit Checks

What makes the
Imagination Tables
so unique !

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